Heating, ventilation, air-flow and the optional air-conditioning merely require the setting of a selector by the driver. The temperature is thereafter maintained at the required level automatically. In hot weather, additional ventilation is provided by a booster fan.

In the 5-6 seat Sedan without central partition, both front seats are fully adjustable horizontally and vertically by a single button. The same button adjusts the angle of the backs of these seats down to the horizontal. In limousines with central partition, the horizontal front seat adjustment is hand operated.
To ensure the comfort of both tall and short drivers the position of the steering wheel can be adjusted after turning the padded wheel boss.
The rear seat is hydraulically adjustable. The seat can be moved forward and the reclining back adjusted to the desired angle.
A lever on the steering column adjusts the shock absorbers to meet the variations in different road surfaces.
With this pull button, road clearance can be increased while driving by 2.0" (50 mm), when required.
A selector on the dashboard governs the heating, ventilation and air flow (air conditioning is optional). Louvers on the air-intake grill in front permit directional control of the air stream.
The parking brake is foot operated. When driving off from standstill, this brake is released automatically. It can also be released by means of a small hand lever.
The lightest touch is sufficient to close the doors silently. They are hydraulically assisted and close securely. Locking the driver's door automatically locks all doors, the trunk lid and the filler cap.
The illustration shows one of the control panels of the hydraulic push-button system. Unlike the more widely used electrically operated systems, the hydraulic system has the advantage of greater reliability and safety. In addition, its operation is completely silent.

Lighting Press-button system
 1 Courtesy light and map reading light either door operated or by switch on the lamp.
 3 Foot-well light at front left-hand side.
 5 Glove box light.
 7 Foot-well light at right.
 9 Light for push-button cigar lighter and ashtray in left rear door.
11 Roof light.
13 Foot-well light rear left.
15 Reading lamp, rear left.
17 Door-operated foot-well light, rear right.
19 Light for push-button cigar lighter and ashtray in right rear door.
21 Adjustable reading light, rear right.
23 Trunk light.
 2 Automatically operated sliding roof and glass screen in center partition.
 4 Front window left, front window right, rear window left, rear window right.
 6 Driving seat adjustment.
 8 Front left door lock. Control locking device for all doors
10 Glass screen central partition; left rear window; rear seat adjustment.
12 Lock of left rear door.
14 Front right window.
16 Front right seat adjustment.
18 Front right door lock.
20 Sliding roof, right rear window, rear seat adjustment.
22 Right rear door lock.
24 Trunk lid lock.
The door operated interior lights switch off approximately 10 seconds after the doors are closed.

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