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The reputation of 'The Grand Mercedes' in the international circle of exclusive cars rests upon its technical conception, its performance and its equipment. Its refinement, advanced design, safety and extraordinary comfort have no equal. In its exterior styling it avoids unnecessary ornamentation and passing fashions in order to achieve a timeless elegance.

Two basic types of the Mercedes-Benz 600 are available: the 5-6 seat Sedan, with a wheelbase of 126" (3,200 mm), which can be supplied with a central division; and the Seven Passenger Limousine, wheelbase 153.3" (3,900 mm), with central division and a choice of either four doors with two backward-facing seats in the rear, or six doors with two forward-facing folding seats in the rear. The two latter choices are offered principally to meet the needs of heads of state, industry and other people of eminence having considerable public responsibilities.

'The Grand Mercedes' demonstrates to the world the enterprise of Daimler-Benz AG and their unparalleled achievements in modern automobile engineering.

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