Future discussions on cars in the most sophisticated circles will inevitably include 'The Grand Mercedes'. Its appearance, equipment and performance clearly express the high position the Mercedes-Benz 600 has been destined to occupy. In the first place, it meets the exacting demands involved in meeting the requirements of men in leading positions. At political, commercial, scientific and cultural events in all parts of the world, 'The Grand Mercedes' will bear witness to the progressive thinking of Daimler-Benz and the high standard achieved in modern Automobile engineering. This distinctive character is shared by the 5/6 seater saloon which can be supplied with central division and the Pullman limousine 7/8 seater with 3 row seating and central division as part of its standard equipment. Special features of the equipment. Hydraulic press button operation for adjusting front seats and seatbacks, opening and closing of windows, the glass screen behind the front seats, the sliding roof, bonnet and boot lid and for closing the doors. Other interesting details: the central locking system for all 4 doors, the boot and fuel tank-filler cap: two external rear view mirrors adjustable from inside the car, extensive interior lighting, separate heating and ventilating system for front and rear compartment with air conditioning as an optional extra. Technical features of special interest: 6.3 litre V 8 engine with intermittent inlet port fuel-injection and overhead camshaft, DB automatic transmission, DB power steering, air suspension with adjustable ground clearance, adjustable shock absorbers, hydraulic servo assisted disc brakes on all wheels with duplicated brake lines, limited slip differential.

With this brief description we have tried to give you an idea of the general conception and the many special features of this car. They are the result of continuous development which has culminated in the Mercedes-Benz 600.

Out of the greatness of the past 'The Grand Mercedes' points towards the even greater future of the automobile.

Wheel base 126 ins. = 3200 mm  
   Pullman limousine 153.5 ins. = 3900 mm  
Overall length 218 ins. = 5540 mm  
   Pullman limousine 246 ins. = 6240 mm  
Steering wheel rim to backrest of driving seat 13.4 ins. = 340 mm  
Seat to roof 38.4 ins. = 975 mm  
Rear of driving seat back to rear seat back 37.8 ins. = 960 mm  
Rear seat to roof 34.9 ins. = 885 mm  
Width measured at level of window key  
front 61.8 ins. = 1570 mm  
rear 60.4 ins. = 1535 mm  
Overall width 87.0 ins. = 1950 mm  
Track front 62.35 ins. = 1587 mm  
Track rear 62.05 ins. = 1575 mm  
Useable luggage space with one spare wheel 20.5 cu. ft. = 0.58 m3  
Road Clearance min./max. approx. 8/10 ins. = 200/250 mm  
Turning circle 40.7ft. = 12.4 m  
   Pullman limousine 47.8 ft. = 14.6 m  
Cylinders 8  
Bore/stroke 4.06/3.74 ins. = 103/95 mm  
Swept volume 386.26 cu. ins. = 6.329 cm3  
Power output SAE 300 gr. HP at 4100 r.p.m.  
Power output DIN 250 HP at 4000 r.p.m.  
Max. torque SAE 434 ft. lbs. = 60 mkg at 3000 r.p.m.  
Max. torque DIN 369 ft. lbs. = 51 mkg at 2800 r.p.m.  
Maximum engine speed 4800 r.p.m.  
Compression ratio 9:1  
Maximum speed approx 128 m.p.h. = 205 km/h  
Tank capacity 24.6/29.6 Imp/US galls. = 112 ltr.  
Reserve 2.2/ 2.6 Imp/US galls. = 10 ltr.  

Fuel recommended: Super grades
Transmission: DB automatic four-speed with hydraulic clutch and selector on the steering column.
Final drive ratio 1:3.23
Braking system: Twin-circuit booster brake system with disc brakes on all wheels, twin brake calipers at front.
Steering: DB power steering with automatic adjustment for wear and steering damper. Steering wheel adjustable for rake.
Rear axle: Single-joint low-pivot swing-axle and limited slip differential
Suspension: Self-leveling air suspension, telescopic shock absorbers adjustable while moving and torsion bar stabilisers front and rear.

Vehicle weight with spare wheel and tools 5380 lbs. = 2440 kg
   Pullman limousine 5800 lbs. = 2630 kg
Permitted maximum weight 6590 lbs. = 2990 kg
   Pullman limousine 7230 lbs. = 3280 kg

The manufacturers reserve the right to change specifications and equipment without notice.

Daimler-Benz AG Stuttgart-Untertuerkheim Germany

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