In designing 'The Grand Mercedes', Daimler-Benz laid down certain guiding principles; a very high standard of comfort for both driver and passengers with generous space, the best possible suspension, individual seat-adjustment, infinitely variable ventilation, heating and - when desired - air conditioning, silence, and the virtual elimination of manual effort. Every means of achieving a high standard of comfort has been employed.

In addition to the comprehensive, high quality appointments, there is a push-button, hydraulically powered system controlling most manual functions. In the photograph, the interior of the 5-6 seat Sedan is shown. The two anatomically shaped seats, each with folding center armrest, are fully adjustable by means of the push-button hydraulic controls. Moreover, the driver can adjust the position of the steering wheel to his individual requirements.

Commenting on this, the Swiss journal "Automobile Revue" wrote: "Thus the driver enjoys the benefits of made-to-measure seating, resulting in relaxed and complete control of the car."

The unobtrusive and clearly laid-out instrument panel matches the standard of the interior appointments. The use of rare wood, fine leather and velours upholstery fabrics contribute to the atmosphere of comfort and elegance.

In the rear there is a spacious bench-seat with a folding armrest and also headrests.

As with the front seats, its position is controlled at the touch of a button. It can be adjusted from an upright to a reclining position automatically.

The opening and closing of windows, too, is operated by push-button control, ensuring effortless, silent movement. These controls can, of course, be operated at the wish of either the driver or passengers. To ensure freedom from mist or icing, the rear window incorporates electrical heating elements. And to avoid dazzling sunshine or headlights, the rear window and adjacent side windows are fitted with curtains. The central dividing screen can be raised or lowered hydraulically by either the driver or passengers. The optional sliding roof is controlled in the same manner. Heating, ventilation, air-flow and the optional air-conditioning merely require the setting of a selector by the driver. The temperature is thereafter maintained at the required level automatically. In hot weather, additional ventilation is provided by a booster fan.

The rear of the 5-6 seat Sedan with central partition

Rear of the 6-door Limousine with folding seats

Rear of the Limousine with facing seats

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