'The Grand Mercedes' combines the traditional Mercedes qualities of high performance, safety and comfort, to a higher degree than any other fine car. Leading test drivers have acclaimed it in the following words: "We spoke of the sportscar-like driving characteristics of 'The Grand Mercedes'. In fact, many sportscar manufacturers would be more than pleased if their cars could take corners as fast, effortlessly and safely..." The superb ride and road holding of the Mercedes-Benz 600 are the result of long experience and the development of a very advanced suspension system. The principles of the design of this suspension have been proved and convincingly demonstrated in the Mercedes-Benz 300 SE.

The Daimler-Benz 4-speed automatic transmission fitted to 'The Grand Mercedes' changes gears quickly, smoothly and always at the correct speed. An over-ride selector on the steering column allows the driver to revert to manual gear changes whenever he wishes. Effortless control when manoeuvering, parking, or turning at low speed, is achieved through the use of Daimler-Benz power-assisted steering. Yet the steering always retains the sense of "feel" essential to safe driving at speed. A twin-circuit servo-assisted brake system, with discs all round, ensures absolutely safe, dependable stopping power.

Two brake calipers operate on each of the front discs. Air-suspension gives 'The Grand Mercedes' outstanding ride comfort and maintains the car at a constant height, irrespective of load. The road clearance can be adjusted while moving to suit different surface conditions. Shock-absorbers, fitted close to the wheels, are adjustable to ensure the greatest comfort at all times.

A differential lock automatically compensates for any variations in the road adhesion of the right and left rear wheels. This ensures balanced power transmission through both rear wheels at all times. In designing the power unit for the Mercedes- Benz 600 our engineers had to fulfill a long list of requirements. First there must be ample power in reserve to give the car outstanding acceleration ability, "power to spare" to provide for the operation of the hydraulic equipment and to ensure silence and flexibility at all engine speeds. Compactness and low weight were additional considerations which had to be weighed. It was decided to use an 8-cylinder overhead camshaft V engine of 6,329 ccm to meet these requirements. An 8 plunger fuel injector pump was specially designed so that the well proved induction pipe fuel injection system could be incorporated. The radiator fan is engaged by a thermostatically controlled hydraulic clutch.

With this description, we have given you some idea of the characteristics of 'The Grand Mercedes' and its many technical features. All are the result of continuous development, culminating in a car that takes its place in the forefront of achievement in automobile engineering. 'The Grand Mercedes' epitomises progress to date, and in pointing the way to an even greater future for the automobile, sets new standards against which all other cars should be matched.

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