The carpeted trunk has been designed for the safe storage of large luggage loads. The spare wheel is accommodated in a separate, closed compartment. After the loosening of a wheel retaining nut, removal of the wheel is spring assisted.
A set of special suitcases, consisting of 3 large cases, 2 medium ones, a hatbox and one week-end case, can be supplied.


The spacious lockable glove box on the front passenger side is illuminated. On opening, a map reading lamp on the underside of the lid switches on.
The additional central shelf under the dash-board provides further space for oddments.
The cocktail cabinet in the partition of. the 5-6 seat Sedan, with shelf above. To the right and left of this, a folding table with glare-free lighting.
In the 6-door Limousine with folding seats the center partition has an additional shelf on both sides.
For personal requisites within easy reach at all times, there are generous leather covered door pockets.
In the Seven Passenger Limousine, with facing rear seats, the cabinet is located between the two single seats, the door serving as a table.

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