Specification Mercedes-Benz 600
Sedan (5-6 passengers)

Cylinders 8
4.06/3.74 ins. = 103/95 mm
Swept volume
386.26 cu. ins. = 6,329 cm3
Power output SAE*
300 gr HP at 4,100 r.p.m.
Power output DIN **
250 HP at 4,000 r.p.m.
Max. torque SAE
434 ft. lbs. = 60 mkp at 3,000 r.p.m.
Max. torque DIN
369 ft. lbs. = 51 mkp at 2,800 r.p.m.
Maximum engine speed 4,800 r.p.m.
compression ratio 9:1
Engine sump capacity max./min.
12.7-9.5 pts. = 6.0-4.5 ltr.
Transmission: DB automatic four
speed with hydraulic clutch and
selector on the steering column
Final drive ratio 1:3.23
Tires tubeless 9.00 H 15
Supersport Nylon
Battery 12 V/88 Ah
Two three-phase current generators
Braking system: Twin-circuit hydraulic
brake system with pneumatic booster
Disc brakes on all wheels,
twin brake calipers at front
Steering: DB power steering with
automatic adjustment for wear and
steering damper. Steering wheel
adjustable for rake
Rear axle: Single-joint low-pivot
swing-axle and limited slip differential
Suspension: Self-leveling air
suspension, telescopic shock
absorbers adjustable while moving
and torsion bar stabilisers front
and rear

Performance figures:
Maximum speed
approx. 125 m.p.h. = 200 km/h
Acceleration from
0-62.1 m.p.h. (100 km/h) 9.7 sec.
Tank capacity
29.6 gals. = 112 ltr.
Reserve 5.0 gals. = 19 ltr.
Fuel recommended: Super grades

Vehicle weight 5,455 lbs. = 2,470 kg
Permitted maximum weight
6,725 lbs. = 3,050 kg

* In measuring gross H. P. power required for auxiliaries has not been taken into account.

** The stated HP figure which does take account of power required for auxiliaries is the net power available at the clutch. The manufacturers reserve the right to change specifications and equipment without notice.

Wheel base 126 ins. = 3,200 mm
Overall length 218 ins. = 5,540 mm
Height 58.5 ins. = 1,485 mm +
increase by 2.0 ins. = 50 mm
Steering wheel rim to backrest
of driving seat 13.4 ins. = 340 mm
Seat to roof 38.2 ins. = 970 mm
Rear of driving seat back to rear
seat back 37.8 ins. = 960 mm
Rear seat to roof 34.9 ins. = 885 mm
Width measured at level of window
key front 61.8 ins. = 1,570 mm
rear 60.4 ins. = 1,535 mm
Overall width 76.8 ins. = 1,950 mm

Track front 62.53 ins. = 1,587 mm
Track rear 62.24 ins. = 1,581 mm
Usable luggage space 20.5 cu. ft. = 0.58 m3
Road Clearance min./max. approx. 6/7.9 ins. = 152/200 mm
Turning circle 40.7 ft. = 12.4 m
Height with open hood 78.7 ins. = 2,000 mm
Height with open trunk lid 64.6 ins. = 1,640 mm
Width with open driver's door 112.6 ins. = 2,860 mm
Angle of approach = 20o 30'
Angle of departure = 9o 30'
Ramp angle = 11o 30


Basic Equipment
Windshield washers
Two-speed wipers

Rear Window
Rear window electrically heated

Asymmetric dim beam
Fog lamps
Front and rear limit lights
Flashing direction indicators
Parking light
Brake lights
Back-up lights
Instrument lights dimmer-switch controlled
Socket for inspection lamp (in the engine compartment)
Light in glove box
Map-reading light
Trunk light
Foot well lights, 2 in front and 2 at rear Roof light at rear
2 adjustable reading lamps in rear roof pillars

Indicator of selector lever position
Oil pressure gauge
Gasoline gauge
Engine thermometer
Indicator lights for battery charge, flashing indicators, headlight beam, parking brake, servo hydraulic system, air pressure, fuel reserve
Electric clock
Total-mileage recorder
Trip recorder
Outside-air thermometer
Pull button for level adjustment

Signalling equipment
Air horn and two electric horns
Additional high-volume horn available
Automatic cancelling of flashing indicators

4 hydraulically-operated safety door-locks
Central control for locks on doors, trunk and gasoline-filler cap.
Manual operation of all door locks from the inside, and of front doors and trunk from outside
Steering lock combined with ignition switch, starter and device to prevent accidental starter operation
Lock on glove box

Hydraulic push-button system
Push-button hydraulic opening and closing of door windows
Rear seat and center arm-rest fully adjustable hydraulically by pressing a button
Front seats horizontally and vertically adjustable hydraulically by pressing a button
Front back-rest rake infinitely adjustable hydraulically down to horizontal position by pressing a button
Hydraulic adjustment of shock-absorbers by lever on the steering column

Heating and Ventilating system
Front: Heating and ventilating system with 2 heat-exchangers and blower
Rear: Heating and ventilating system with 1 heat-exchanger and blower Atmospheric pressure ventilation system
Temperature selector with electronic control to compensate for effect of different driving speeds
De-froster for side windows
De-frosting of rear window by electric heating elements embedded in the glass

Console tray between front seats
Side compartments on all 4 doors
Parcel shelf in the front over transmission tunnel
Parcel net on front seat backs
Glow-free rear-view mirror
2 exterior rear-view mirrors adjustable from the inside
2 padded sun-visors, with vanity mirror on passenger side
4 hand-rails in the roof frame
Grab-handles on all doors
4 coat-hangers in rear (2 each side)
Armrests on all doors
Independent center armrests for each of the front seats
Folding armrest in rear
2 adjustable headrests in rear
Ashtrays on all doors
Automatic cigar-lighter on all doors
Safety steering wheel adjustable for rake
2 footrests in rear
Curtains on rear window and rear side windows
Optional extras
Center partition with hydraulically-operated glass screen, bar, shelf for vanity box, and at right and left, folding table with indirect lighting
Air conditioner
Katacolor glass
Steel sliding roof hydraulically operated by push-button
Intercommunication system driver-passenger compartment in limousines with center partition
Headrests on front seats
Radio with autom. aerial and remote control, short wave adapter
Set of suitcases

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