Basic Equipment  
MB automatic four speed transmission
with fluid coupling
and selector on the steering column
Final drive ratio 1:3.23
Two alternating current generators
Twin-circuit hydraulic braking system
with pneumatic booster
Disc brakes on all wheels,
twin brake calipers at front
MB power steering
with automatic adjustment for wear
and steering damper.
Steering wheel adjustable for rake
Single-joint low-pivot swing-axle
and limited slip differential
Self-levelling air suspension
with adjustable road clearance
Telescopic shock absorbers
adjustable while moving
and torsion bar stabilizers front and rear

Windshield washers
Two-speed wipers

    Rear Window
Rear window electrically heated

Front clearance lights
Flashing direction indicators
Parking light,
Brake lights,
Back-up lights,
Hazard warning system
Instrument lights,
fully adjustable
Socket for inspection lamp
(in the engine compartment)
Light in glove box, engine compartment
and trunk
Map-reading light
Foot well lights, 2 in front and 2 at rear
Roof light at rear
2 reading lamps with adjustable light beam
in rear roof pillars

Indicator of selector lever position
Oil pressure gauge
Fuel gauge
Cooling water temperature gauge
Indicator lights for battery charge,
directional signals, headlight beam,
parking brake,
air pressure, fuel reserve
Electric clock
Total-mileage recorder
Trip recorder
Outside-air thermometer
Control knob for level adjustment

    Signalling System
1 pneumatic and 2 electric horns
1 emergency horn, can be engaged additionally
Self-cancelling signal lights

Safety cone locks on doors,
silently closing.
Locking and unlocking
of trunk, all door locks from inside,
both front doors also from outside,
independent of central locking system.
Steering wheel lock
in combination with ignition lock,
starter and starter repeat lock.
Lockable glove compartment

    Comfort Hydraulics
Opening and closing of door windows
Complete adjustment of front seats
in longitudinal direction,
height and backrest inclination
Backrest inclination of rear seats
Adjustment of shock absorber
softness by lever on steering column

    Heating and Ventilation
Front: One heating and venting system
with 2 heat exchangers
and completely adjustable blower
Rear: One heating and venting system
with heat exchanger and blower
Dynamic-pressure venting system
Temperature selector with electronic
control, independent
of vehicle speed
Windshield and side window defrosting
Rear window defrosting
through inserted heating filament

Air Conditioning
and refrigerated refreshment bar*
Utility tray between front seats
Tinted glass all~around*
Side compartments on all 4 doors
Radio Becker "Grand Prix" *
with automatic antenna
Parcel shelf in the front
over transmission tunnel
Parcel net on front seat backs
Non-glare rear-view mirror
2 exterior rear-view mirrors
adjustable from the inside
2 padded sun visors,
Grab-handles on roof frame
Grab-handles on all doors
Coat-hangers in rear (2 each side)
Armrests on all doors
Independent center armrests
for each of the front seats
Folding armrest in rear
Adjustable headrests in rear
Automatic cigar-lighters
and recessed ashtrays on all doors
Safety steering wheel
axially adjustable
Footrests in rear
Curtains on rear window
and rear side windows

    Additional Equipment for Limousine
    7 Passengers
Center partition
with hydraulically-operated glass screen,
Refreshment bar
2 single seats with armrests
facing rear bench seat
or in the 6-door version:
two folding seats facing forward
Remote controls for Radio Becker
"Grand Prix" *

    Optional Extras
    For the 5 passenger Sedan
and the 7 passenger Limousine:
Steel sliding roof hydraulically
operated by push-button
intercommunication system
between driver/passenger compartment
Radio with mechanical
or automatic aerial

    For 5 passenger Sedan
Center partition
with hydraulically-operated glass screen,
bar, shelf for vanity box,
and at right and left,
folding table with indirect lighting.

    Individual requests
can be taken into consideration.

*This normally optional equipment item
is included in the US and
Canadian domestic and tourist
delivery prices when ordered
through our North American
Mercedes-Benz dealer organization.

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