The Mercedes-Benz 600
Built according
to Daimler-Benz
construction principles

Enduring in Value





    Mercedes-Benz cars
are safe, reliable, comfortable, fast
and enduring in value.
The expert combination
of all these qualities
makes Mercedes-Benz cars
the superb vehicles they are.


    Safety is the foremost requirement
on the road
We have made this safety
an assignment.
Our designers
plan for you,
our scientists
research for you,
our test engineers
test for your protection.
The Mercedes-Benz car
is the outcome.

We make it safe through:

    Road Holding
Single joint, low-pivot swing axle,
separation of wheel mounting
and wheel suspension
which ensures safe track holding
and exact wheel control.

Dual-circuit, power braking system
Disc brakes front and rear
Brake pressure control
Parking brake with additional
brake shoes and brake drums
Automatic anti-dive control

Carefully balanced
by self-levelling air suspension
and additional torsion stabilizers
front and rear
Ground clearance
adjustable by almost 2 inches

    Frame Floor
Rugged welding
of the body to the frame floor
produces a sturdy body structure.
front and rear sections.

    Passenger Compartment
Distortion-free, solid form,
strong windscreen and door pillars

Optimum visibility towards all sides,
panoramic view windows of safety glass

MB power steering
with automatic wear adjustment
Large padded steering wheel hub
Collapsible impact damper
under padded hub
Telescopic steering column
and gear selector shaft
Steering gear mounted far behind
front suspension assembly


    Reliability is a necessity in our time.
We offer you our experience
in automobile construction.
We offer you
functionally safe construction.
We offer you
durability and stability.
These qualities have been proven
through exacting trials
and rally victories the world over.
We have built this experience into yours
as into every Mercedes-Benz.

We make it reliable through:

Advanced construction principles
use of specially selected materials
tests and trials
manufacturing with use in mind
production controls*
assembly controls
acceptance controls*

*15% of all employees
in our passenger-car production line
are inspectors.

We test
under the most strenuous conditions:

    In Wind Tunnels
the body style,
for wind resistance and wind noises.

    In Trials
checking driving conditions
in skidding and slalom tests.

    Through Lateral Wind Machine
checking sideways drift
in side winds of over 60 mph.

    Through Test Drives
on special test tracks
under extreme climate conditions,
over mountains, deserts, ice and snow.


Comfortable travel is not enough for us.
We make
untiring travel possible for you.
We maintain
your reflex capacities for you.
We have created
an anatomically correct sitting position
for you.
We have matched
seating and wheel suspension
to suit speed and road conditions for you.
Take a seat in a Mercedes-Benz
and you will feel what we mean:
untiring comfort.

We make it comfortable through:

    Comfort Hydraulics
Opening and closing of door windows
and of sliding roof.
Adjustment of front seats
in longitudinal direction,
backrest inclination
and adjustment in height.
Completely adjustable
rear seats with backrest.
With installed center partition
lowering of partition pane.
Vacuum central locking system

    Seat Comfort
Axially adjustable steering wheel
Self-levelling air suspension
Shock absorbers
adjustable during driving
either soft or hard

    Floor Covering
Front and rear floor sections
covered with velours

    Heating and Ventilating System
Front: Heating and ventilating system
with 2 heat-exchangers
and completely adjustable blower
Rear: Heating and ventilating system
with heat-exchanger and blower
Dynamic pressure
ventilation system
Temperature selector
with electronic control to compensate
for effect of different driving speeds
Defroster for side windows


    Speed in an automobile
is a demand in our time.
We know this
and, as a result,
we build cars with the ability
to move fast;
cars with high cruising speeds
and dependable reserves
for overtaking
Drive a Mercedes-Benz
and let the facts
convince you.

5 passenger Sedan
7 passenger Limousine
8-cylinder V-engine
with fuel injection
acc. to SAE 300 gr. HP at 4,100 rpm.
aco. to DIN 250 HP at 4,000 rpm.
2 overhead camshafts
MB Automatic Transmission
MB Power Steering
Single-joint, low-pivot swing axle
Road clearance adjustable while driving
Limited-slip differential
Dual-circuit power braking system
Disc brakes on all four wheels
Two brake calipers each, front
Max. speed approx. 127 mph

    Body Style
Form and size
are matched to passengers
and driving conditions.
Despite large interior
and spacious trunk,
there is only slight wind resistance.
Low noise level even at high speeds.

Enduring in Value
    You have a right
to demand enduring value from us.
The Mercedes-Benz
is constructed
to meet this demand.
Examine it closely,
from below, from above,
inside and outside,
from all sides,
and you will discover
that your demands
have been met.

We make the value endure through:

    Advanced development
avoidance of fashion fads
the best in materials
scientific manufacture
careful testing
routine maintenance
through well-planned
customer service

    Effective styling
is sought by every manufacturer;
however, styling fads are short lived.
Our stylists have created
a contemporary design - virtually ageless -
to express the most discriminating taste,
a classic design,
an ageless design,
which will hold its value
and insure your investment.

*   There are 3,700 customer service stations
in 156 countries of the globe.

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