The US Export Version
Model 600
5-Passenger Sedan
The pictures in this catalogue show the German domestic model. Some items included in the US Export Version are illustrated on this page. The US Export Version conforms to the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Air Pollution Laws applicable at the time of manufacture.

English instruments and inscriptions Three-point safety belts for the front seats and lap type for the rear seats. Special headrests. Sealed beam headlights, hazard warning lights and side reflectors.


Model 600, 5-passenger Sedan


Technical Data
Mercedes-Benz 600
5-Passenger Sedan

Number of cylinders 8
Bore/Stroke 4.06/3.74 ins.
Displacement 386.3 Cu. ins.
Engine output acc. to SAE 300 gr. HP at 4,100 rpm
Engine output acc. to DlN 1) 250 PS at 4,000 rpm
Max. torque acc. to SAE 434 ft. lbs. at 3,000 rpm
Max. torque acc. to DlN 1) 369 ft. lbs. at 2,800 rpm
Max. engine speed 4,800 rpm
Compression 9
Oil capacity crankcase max./min. 12.7/9.5 US. pts.
Capacity of cooling system 48.6 US. pts.
Alternator (three-phase) Two 14 V/35 A
Battery 12V/88Ah
Max. speed approx. 127 mph.
    Tires, tubeless 9.00 H 15/6 PR
Fuel consumption acc. to DIN 70030 2) 13 mp US. gal. at 68 mph.
Tank capacity 29.6 US. gal.
md. reserve 5 US. gal.
Fuel Premium
Empty weight 3) 5,445 lbs.
Permissible total weight 3) 6,660 lbs.
Trailer load with brake 4) 3,300 lbs.
Trailer load without brake 4) 1,650 lbs.

A Height 58.5 ins.
B Overall width 76.8 ins.
C Overall length 218.1 ins.
D Wheelbase 126 ins
E Steering wheel rim to backrest of driving seat 13.4 ins.
F Seat to roof 38.2 ins.
G Front edge rear backrest to front edge of vis-a-vis seat backrest 38.2 ins.
H Rear seat to roof 34.8 ins.
J Width measured at level of window key front 61.8 ins.
M Width measured at level of window key rear 60.4 ins.
Track front 62.48 ins.
Track rear 62.24 ins.
Useable luggage space with one 20.5 cu. ft.

1) The output given in PS/DIN is effectively available at the clutch for driving the vehicle, as any other power consumption has already been deducted. Output data given in gr. HP/SAE include the power required for operating auxiliary units not required to operate the engine.
2) Technical data acc. to DIN 70020 and 70030.
3) The weights shown are medium weights. Weights may vary according to equipment used in different countries.
4) The weights quoted are maximum weights. By reason of legal stipulations in various countries outside the Federal Republic of Germany other figures will apply.
5) Dimensions vary with seating capacity.

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