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M-100 Group Membership Application

Membership costs $75 USD/year worldwide.


Email the details listed below to christopher.lipscomb@sysflow.com and make payment via paypal to m100jenglish@gmail.com. To do this click here


Print off this page and fill out the details below. Send to the Treasurer whose address is at the bottom of this page.

Name __________________________________________
Address __________________________________________
City __________________________________________
State ____ Zip __________ Country _________________
Phone ________________ Work Phone________________
EMail __________________________________________

Mercedes Models Owned _________________________________________________
Chassis #s of M-100 Cars _________________________________________________
MBCA Member? ______________________________

Members do not have to own a Mercedes 600, 6.3, or 6.9; however future policy may restrict voting or office-holding to titled owners. Membership includes Lode Star newsletter and technical bulletins. To join M-100 Group, please print this form, complete it, and send to the address below. Please include $75 USD for a 1 year membership.

Treasurer, International M-100 Group
131 White Oaks Lane
Carmel Valley
CA 93924